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PlotMM::Scale Member List

This is the complete list of members for PlotMM::Scale, including all inherited members.

autoscale() const PlotMM::Scale
autoscale(double min, double max)PlotMM::Scale
enabled() const PlotMM::Scale
gc_ (defined in PlotMM::Scale)PlotMM::Scale [protected]
labels_ (defined in PlotMM::Scale)PlotMM::Scale [protected]
labwin_ (defined in PlotMM::Scale)PlotMM::Scale [protected]
major_ticklength() const PlotMM::Scale
minor_ticklength() const PlotMM::Scale
on_expose_event(GdkEventExpose *event)PlotMM::Scale [protected, virtual]
on_realize()PlotMM::Scale [protected, virtual]
on_tick_change()PlotMM::Scale [protected, virtual]
position() const PlotMM::Scale
redraw()=0 (defined in PlotMM::Scale)PlotMM::Scale [protected, pure virtual]
Scale(Gtk::PositionType p, ScaleLabels *labels=0)PlotMM::Scale
scale_map() const PlotMM::Scale
scaleDiv_ (defined in PlotMM::Scale)PlotMM::Scale [protected]
scaleMap_ (defined in PlotMM::Scale)PlotMM::Scale [protected]
set_autoscale(bool b)PlotMM::Scale
set_enabled(bool b)PlotMM::Scale
set_position(Gtk::PositionType p)PlotMM::Scale
set_range(double l, double r)PlotMM::Scale
set_range(double l, double r, bool lg)PlotMM::Scale
set_ticklengths(int major, int minor)PlotMM::Scale
window_ (defined in PlotMM::Scale)PlotMM::Scale [protected]
~Scale()PlotMM::Scale [virtual]

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