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PlotMM Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
PlotMM::CurveA class which draws curves
PlotMM::DoubleIntMapMap a double interval into an integer interval
PlotMM::DoublePointClass defining a point in double coordinates
PlotMM::DoubleRectClass defining a size in double coordinates
PlotMM::DoubleSizeClass defining a size in double coordinates
PlotMM::ErrorCurveA class which draws curves with errors
PlotMM::HScaleClass to draw a horizontal scale
PlotMM::HScaleLabelsClass to draw horizintal scale labels
PlotMM::PaintA class to define pens and brushes for painting
PlotMM::PlotClass implementing a plot widget
PlotMM::PlotCanvasClass to draw curves in a plot
PlotMM::PlotLabelClass to draw labels in a plot
PlotMM::RectangleExtends Gdk::Rectangle with some useful methods
PlotMM::ScaleClass to draw a scale
PlotMM::ScaleLabelsClass to draw scale labels
PlotMM::SymbolA class for drawing symbols
PlotMM::VScaleClass to draw a vertical scale
PlotMM::VScaleLabelsClass to draw vertical scale labels

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