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Installation notes

You'll have to download a version of PlotMM, first. Follow the instructions in the Downloads section to do so.


To successfully compile and use PlotMM on your system, you must have a working installation of GTKmm-2.0 (including development files).


After downloading and unpacking the PlotMM source distribution or checking out the cvs version, change the working directory to the PlotMM sources.

If you obtained a cvs-snapshot or checked out the sources from cvs, it is now time to

  # bootstrap
This will create the configure script which is already provided in official releases.

Now, type

  # ./configure
  # make 
to make the library and example programs. Developers working on and such would also want to add '--enable-maintainer-mode' to configure.

If there were no errors, just type

  # examples/simple/simple
now and enjoy the show :-)


If all of the above went well you can now type
  # make install
If the installation base directory is not writable for you, you have to do it as root.

(say something about plotmm.pc here)

(we might want to have a plotmm.spec file some day)

Building the docs

Normally you wouldn't have to build the docs since PlotMM is already shipped with complete docs. Only when starting from a CVS-version you might want to take this step. Doxygen is an essential must-have to process the inline documentation.

  # doxygen Doxyfile

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