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PlotMM - GTKmm plot widget for scientific applications.




PlotMM is an extension to the gtkmm library. It contains widgets which are primarily useful for technical and scientifical purposes. For the beginning, this is a 2-D plotting widget (see screenshot above).

PlotMM is based in part on the work of the Qwt project (see for details on Qwt).

PlotMM is hosted at

PlotMM works fine with gtkmm versions 2.0 and 2.4/2.6.

Project admin:
Andy Thaller <>

The features of PlotMM include:

What can I do for PlotMM?
PlotMM is a young project bringing a fast data plotting widget to the GtkMM community. You can support its success by testing new code and report your experiences back to the developers, submit bugfixes or register as a regular developer. If none of these possibilities appeal to you you might want to consider supporting PlotMM with a donation.



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