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PlotMM::HScaleLabels Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Class to draw horizintal scale labels.

Public Member Functions

 HScaleLabels (Gtk::PositionType p)
virtual ~HScaleLabels ()
Pango::FontDescription * font ()
void set_labels (int offs, const std::map< int, double > &labels)
void set_enabled (bool b)
bool enabled () const
Glib::ustring format (double) const
int text_width (const Glib::ustring &) const
int text_height (const Glib::ustring &) const
Gtk::PositionType position () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool on_expose_event (GdkEventExpose *event)
virtual void update_ ()
virtual void requestsize_ ()
virtual void newsize_ ()

Protected Attributes

int offset_
int layw_
int layh_
int range_
std::map< int, double > labels_
Glib::RefPtr< Pango::Layout > layout_
Pango::FontDescription font_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HScaleLabels::HScaleLabels Gtk::PositionType  p  ) 


HScaleLabels::~HScaleLabels  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

bool PlotMM::ScaleLabels::enabled  )  const [inherited]

Return if the labels are enabled.

Pango::FontDescription* PlotMM::ScaleLabels::font  )  [inherited]

Return a pointer to the labels' font.

Glib::ustring ScaleLabels::format double  d  )  const [inherited]

Format a string from a double value

find a smart way to user-define scale label formatting

Gtk::PositionType PlotMM::ScaleLabels::position  )  const [inherited]

Return where the labels are positioned.

void ScaleLabels::set_enabled bool  b  )  [inherited]

Enable drawing of scalelabels

See also:
newsize_ (called automatically)

void ScaleLabels::set_labels int  offs,
const std::map< int, double > &  labels

Set the labels to be drawn

The given map holds double values associated with int positions on a scale. The given offs can be taken as a hint to calculate the right positions for the labels. Normally, the leftmost or upmost border of the scale's Gdk::Window is taken for this offset.

See also:
newsize_ (called automatically)

int ScaleLabels::text_height const Glib::ustring &  str  )  const [inherited]

Query the pixel height of the given text when rendered with the current font() settings

int ScaleLabels::text_width const Glib::ustring &  str  )  const [inherited]

Query the pixel width of the given text when rendered with the current font() settings

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